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Corta duración - Monoméricos / Aslan CM 100

K70000 Series Gloss Cast Vinyl

Vinilo fundido KPMF de primera calidad de 50 micras adecuado para su uso en todas las aplicaciones de marcado exterior y señalización. Esta diseñado para poderse adaptar a las superficies lisas y curvas con una excepcional adaptabilidad.
Muy recomendable para coches, cambios de imagen...para cualquier trabajo que necesitemos una garantía de mayor durabilidad.
Tiene una vida al exterior entre 10 y 12 años.


  • K70000 Series Gloss Cast Vinyl
  • K71000 Series Matt Cast Vinyl
  • K70900 Series Metallic Cast Vinyl
  • K71100 Series Windows films
  • K74000 Series Fluorescent Cast Vinyl
  • K74500 Series Ultra Destruct Cast Vinyl
  • K75000 Series Glitter Cast Vinyl

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    K70000 Series Gloss Cast Vinyl K71100 Series Windows films
    K74000 Series Fluorescent Cast Vinyl K74500 Series Ultra Destruct Cast Vinyl
    K75000 Series Glitter Cast Vinyl

    logo kpmf K70000 Cast Vinyl

    K70000 Series Gloss Premium Cast Vinyl/K71000 Matt Premium Cast Vinyl

    These premium quality cast vinyl films are intended for use in all exterior marking and signage applications.

    The films have the ultimate properties for outdoor durability and are suitable for graphics on original equipment identification, building signage and vehicle graphics to include trucks, recreational vehicles and automobiles. They are also widely used for train liveries, boats and as temporary livery on aircraft. End users include Ford, GM and national airlines.
    The materials are very conformable, being able to be used on smooth, textured and contoured surfaces, and are available in a wide range of colours including metallic. Custom colour matching is offered to suit specific requirements. (Subject to minimum quantities).

    Film Thickness ISO 4591:1992 0.050mm
    Adhesive Thickness ISO 4591:1992 0.025mm
    Adhesive Type   Clear Permanent Cross-Linking Acrylic
    Release Liner   150gsm PE Coated Printed Grey
    Storage   Two years, out of direct sunlight at 23°C and
    50% humidity
    Tensile ISO 527:1996 >13.5 N/mm²
    Elongation ISO 527:1996 >75%
    Adhesion 20 Mins/90° FINAT FTM2/Stainless Steel 450 N/Metre
    Adhesion 20 Mins/180° FINAT FTM1/Stainless Steel 570 N/Metre
    Adhesion 24 Hrs/180° FINAT FTM1/Stainless Steel 700 N/Metre
    Static Shear (25 x 25mm) FINAT FTM8/Stainless Steel >16 hours
    Dimensional Stability
    (150 x 150mm/48 hours/70°C)
    FTM14/Aluminium <0.4mm
    Gloss 60° ASTM 523-89 >85% (K70000 Series)
    Flammability   Self Extinguishing
    Artificial Weathering Atlas Xenon Arc >2000 hours
    Weathering - Gloss & Matt Vertical Exposure/Mid Europe  
    -----Black/White/Clear   10-12 years
    -----Colours   10-12 years
    -----Metallics   10-12 years
    Rivet Testing KPMF ST 22 No Cracking
    Application Temperature Clean, dry surface +8°C to 25°C
    Service Temperature   -40°C to +90°C
    Adhesion Properties to Various Substrates for 24 hours at 23°C/180° Peel
    Aluminium - Untreated
      860 N/Metre
    Aluminium - Anodised   940 N/Metre
    Stainless Steel   700 N/Metre
    Chromed Steel   690 N/Metre
    Polyurethane   400 N/Metre
    Glass   700 N/Metre
    Acrylic Sheet   700 N/Metre
    ABS Sheet   580 N/Metre
    Resistance to various liquids after application and conditioned for 24 hours at 23°C. Results examined 1 hour after test.
    Humidity 24 hours at 38°C and 100% No Effect
    Water (Distilled) 24 hours at 32°C No Effect
    Sea Water 1 year Mid Tide (BS 5609:1986) No Effect
    Reference Fuel 1 hour at 23°C Very Slight Film Softening
    Diesel Fuel 1 hour at 23°C No Effect
    SAE Motor Oil 24 hours at 23°C No Effect
    Antifreeze/Water (1:1) 24 hours at 23°C No Effect
    Detergent Solution 8 hours at 65°C No Effect
    Hydraulic Oil 24 hours at 23°C No Effect
    Battery Acid 24 hours at 23°C No Effect
    Although we have good control of the colour production at KPMF, it is advisable to avoid using different batches of material for the same end application.
    KPMF films should not be applied to unsound surfaces or to surfaces which may subsequently crack, peel, outgas or are of low surface energy. It is recommended that any application surface should have an energy level in excess of 40 dyne/cm. (Polyolefins should be in excess of 45 dyne/cm). The above data shows typical properties and should not be taken as a guarantee for performance. Purchasers should determine the suitability of each product prior to its intended use. Prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures in the presence of chemicals such as solvents, acids etc. may eventually cause deterioration. Durability is based on middle European exposure conditions. Actual performance will depend on substrate preparation, exposure conditions and application of marking.
    Kay Premium Marking Films are produced under stringent manufacturing conditions. The information and typical values shown are based upon research believed to be reliable and are provided without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. The values are not for use in specifications. Ink and paint systems can affect the performance of film and also the adhesive properties, as can application techniques. Users are advised to ensure that performance and reliability are not compromised by determining the suitability of each product prior to its intended use.
    Kay Premium Marking Films are produced under careful quality control and are warranted to be fit for the purpose and free from defect in material and workmanship. Any material shown to be defective to our satisfaction at the point of sale shall be replaced free of charge. Kay Premium Marking Films Limited liability to the purchaser shall in no circumstances exceed the cost of the amount of the defective material supplied.
    Issue 9 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Approved RM
    29/2/2012 K70000 Series Cast Vinyl
    © Kay Premium Marking Films Ltd
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