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Aslan C118 Soft

Vinilo polimérico opaco con una durabilidad mínima de 7 años al exterior
Alta flexibilidad para una excelente adaptabilidad en zonas onduladas 70 µm, ideal para trabajos de larga duración.
39 colores brillos
Medidas: 50 x 1,25 m

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ASLAN CT 118 The opaque self-adhesive coloured film
Opaque vinyl with a glossy surface is excellent in use for medium up to longterm exterior applications. A licence for advertising purposes by Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railway) has been issued under licence no. 141/1991. This high quality film is excellent in use for computerized cutting of designs and lettering.  
    If it is used on flexible-faces, please ask our application technician (tel. +49 (0) 2204-708-23).  
Technical data
face-film: calandered soft-PVC (monomeric softeners)    
thickness: ~ 70 µm    
adhesive: acrylic pressure adhesive square quantity: ~ 20 g/m²
release liner: poly coated cardboard square weight: ~ 140 g/m²
dimensional stability: applicated onto aluminium after 48 h stored at 70 °C (25 x 25 cm) max. - 0,45 %  
adhesive strength (ASTMD-903) immediately:
1 week adhered:

min. 4,0 N/cm
min. 6,0 N/cm

temperature: min. application temperature:
service temperature range:
15 ºC
-30 ºC up to +80 ºC
light proofness: DIN 53 388 non-fade grade: 7-8  
chemical resistance: In a preece test of 24 hours the applied film is resistant to most petroleum based oils, greases and aliphatic solvents, mild acids, alkalies and salts.
outdoor durability: min. 7 years when properly processed and applied (vertical exposure, unprinted film). Should the foils be exposed to extreme conditions, e.g. tropical countries, in countries with long periods of high temperature, regions of excessive ecological damage relating to high UV radiations, extreme humidity, their life will be reduced.
combustibility: stuck on AL, the film is self-extinguishing.
printing: The film can be imprinted by screen process.
(The printing inks must be allowed to dry completely to avoid saturation and negative modification on the adhesive occuring)
It has to be tested in advance whether the films can be imprinted with modern digital printing methods.
application: Film can be applied both dry or wet.
During a wet application the adhesive might become slightly white. This will – subject to weather conditions – disappear within a few days. For a wet application we recommend the transfer liquid ASLAN TL 10.
For the application we recommend ASLAN TMO assembly foil or our
ASLAN application tapes. In order to guarantee a perfect transposure of
the cut film we recommend to apply the tape of the ASLAN TMO onto the film, turn the cut graphic over and remove the kraft liner carefully.
gloss: There can be matt areas on the surface of glossy films near the core of the roll. These can be caused by the uprolled backing paper and will disappear shortly after applying the vinyl.
colour adaption: Like every product, coloured films have production tolerances. For large
contracts, where a large quantity of the same colour film is required, care
should be taken on the following lines:
Each graphic should be from the same roll. For multi cutting jobs the
rolls need to be supplied from the same production batch. Before placing
your order please make us aware if this is required.
To ensure same colour impression to the human eye, films should be
cutted and applied longline.
storage properties: Before application the foils can be stored for minimum 3 years from date
of production. The films must be stored at room temperature (15 – 25 °C) and be protected from direct sunlight, excessive heat, high atmospheric humidity and dampness. To avoid pressure points appearing on the roll surface, we recommend the rolls be stored either on end or on purpose design `hanging` racks.
All technical data and advice is based on our experience and measured testing that we believe to be reliable. It remains the customer's responsibility to test our products suitability for the purpose intended.
The quality of our products is regularly examined, upgraded and developed. ASLAN, Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG reserve the right, without prior notice, to adjust, upgrade and improve the chemical structures or physical characteristics of their products in accordance with their latest knowledge.
Overath / Oberauel 2 • D-51491 Overath-Untereschbach / Germany
Tel. +49 (0)2204-708-80 • Fax +49 (0)2204-708-50 • VAT-ID-No. DE121964163
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Date: 01/2005

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